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tv   Mc Laughlin Group  CBS  January 30, 2010 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 from washington, "the mclaughlin group," the american original. for over two decades, the sharpest minds, best sources, hardest talk. "the mclaughlin group" is brought to you by met life. guarantees for the "if" in life. issue one, obama rebooted. >> the worst of the storm has passed. but the devastation remains. >> president obama in his state of the union speech this week described the economic devastation that continues in the wake of the nation's worst economic recession in 75 years. here's the devastation. >> one in ten americans still
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cannot find work. many businesses have shuddered, home values have declined, small towns and rural communities have been hit especially hard. and for those who'd already lif that much harder. >> question. president obama faced three imperatives this week, the democrats, they were despirited. they needed rallied. the independents were alienated and republicans needed wooing. president obama had to do it with the state of the union address. did he satisfy all of the constituencies, pat? >> you can't satisfy them all because the tea party types, the independents who are with him are antigovernment. the progressives are pro government, big programs. you can't satisfy both of them. you sort of lectured the republicans. i don't think he satisfied any of them, john, but your key point, i hope the president is right when he says we're really
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out of this thing. i believe we're in a bubble. i think the back-to-back 10% deficits and doubling of the money supply has created another bubble. i'm afraid it's gonna pop, and i think we could head downward in that second sort of recession. i hope not. it looks to me to be very bad. the consumer has not gone back into the stores. >> eleanor, did you want to say anything about the five points and the gdp that came through in the last quarter? >> i think it's a good sign that the recovery hey be on its way. pat is right, there may be i.e.d.'s out there mainly in an >> in other words, a bomb -- >> roadside bomb. >> on the president's speech, he did a good job reminding many people who voted for him and believed in him that he hasn't been captured by alien forces, that he is ready to do a better job leading. i think i said on the show last week, he behaves as though he's
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joined the government instead of leading the government. i think he showed a willingness to use the tools that he has as a president. i think he reminded the democrats that they shouldn't be running for the hills, that they should stick together. and i think he called out the republicans for their obstructionist tactics. i think putting the spotlight on them saying if you have your 41 votes and all you'll do is block everything, that that's not leadership. so i think he did a good job in the speech. the way forward is still unclear. >> do you think eleanor's raising the judgment bar on obama? what's going on with eleanor? >> you should ask eleanor that question. >> eleanor is a journalist. >> and she has a high bar. >> we any assurance on this. okay, jobs, jobs, jobs. >> i realize that for every success story there are other stories. of men and women who wake up with the anguish of not knowing where their next paycheck will come from. that is why jobs must be our
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numberin 2010. >> question. is president obama reordering priorities, putting the job stimulus bill on the front burner and the health reform on the back burner? >> yes. and i'm gratified to see that it's finally dawning on the president that unemployment and the job situation in this country should be paramount for this president. look, when he entered office, unemployment was at 7.2%. it's only increased over the last year. now it's at 10% when you add in those who are underemployed, part time, those who stopped looking for work it's closer to 18%. the reason why his job approval numbers have come down, the main reason is the american people have known all along that this is the number one issue, the economy, deficit, exploding national debt and of course jobs. what they have seen out of this president over the last year is this man off in the weeds doing health care reform which now looks like it's in more of a state of chaos than it's ever been, off to copenhagen, doing
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things that were not paramount to the bread and butter issues that matter to the american voters. now he's trying to reset too la okay. hey, big spender. >> i'm proposing specific steps to pay for the trillion dollars that it took to rescue the economy last year. starting in 2011, we are prepared to freeor three years. >> question. why the spend now pay later plan? why doesn't the president propose his freeze on this year's budget? >> well, half political and half practical. as a practical matter, he wants to get spending out there because he wants to try to stimulate the economy and not cut things off the way roosevelt did halfway into his recovery plan. and you got that double dip right afterwards. it's probably political because he is a liberal, is a democrat, and they believe in spending right away. >> we also have another event this year.
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we have an election in november. >> right. >> maybe that's part of it. >> maybe that's the timing of the freeze. >> you know, monica's right in that people have not seen obama addressing the economy and jobs enough. >> here's the problem. >> they at least want to know the president is engaged with that. >> john, here's his problem. >> hold on. eleanor? >> it's stunning to me that the white house lost such control of the message. health care costs rising on an unsustainable message feeds into the uncontrolled economy and a green economy and climate change is the way forward, that they didn't create a narrative that this is all part of the country's economic recovery. it's really a criminal -- >> you mean the fact that they didn't do this linkage? >> yeah. >> didactic and present it to the people. i couldn't agree with you more. >> here's the crisis of the party of government. when you talk about a freeze on spending, that's good, fiscal conservatism. here are the progressives out there saying where in heaven's name is health care?
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where's cap and trade? where is the progressive era you promised us? so obama's moving back and forth between the folks who want to cut the government and folks folks who want to grow it so he's got a problem. >> if he want to the tie the economy to health care and cap and trade, the reason he lost the disconnect is because in the middle of this great recession he wanted to go forward with a $2.5 trillion health care entitlement and cap and trade, which would be tantamount to the largest tax increase in the history of the world. he couldn't connect all of those things given the economic dire straits. when it comes to the spending freeze, he's only talking 13% of the federal budget, and he's freezing at levels that he's already increased 24%. >> wait a minute -- >> social security, medicare, medicaid? that's a big budget, though. >> what about the mountain of debt that obama inherited? >> well, but he -- >> it twz a true mountain, was it not?
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>> he misstated it on wednesday night. he said a trillion dollar deficit. in 2007, the deficit was at $170 billion. over 2008 when bush was still president it exploded to 450 billion because of t.a.r.p. and the recession. that didn't give the president an excuse to blow it up to over $1.3 trillion. >> excuse me. >> no, we want to point out that the t.a.r.p. legislation is bush's legislation. >> yes, but bush only spent $350 billion of the $700 t to k >> with all due dove reness of separation of powers, last week the supreme court reversed a century of law that i believe will open the floodgates for special interests, including foreign corpor our election. [ applause ] >> question. was this political oratory okay or was this demagoguic and dangerous? i ask you, eleanor? >> liberals loved it.
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this supreme court decision overruled 100 years of legal doctrine on this particular issue, and it does open the door for corporate contributions and union contributions as well, but it seems to be a general agreement and possibly overseas. so i think the president, if had he not remarked upon it, it would have been an omission. i also want to point out that the white house has allowed its critics to con flat the short- term deficit spending that he did to dig us out of a hole and pull the economy back from the brink of destruction with the structural deficits, which are a serious problem and will have to be considered, but the spending he did this year -- last year, was essential. >> by the way, the supreme court last wednesday night sat in its usual setting, in front of the speaker. but samuel alito may have represented the anger or frustration or both of the court majority over an obama misrepresentation of fact.
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notice justice samuel alito wincing and forking words, "not true" with foreign corporations, to spend without limit in our election. [ tight on alito's face. question. what was justice alito referring to? >> here's what he's referring to. obama misspoke horribly. corporation s cannot deliver contributions directly to candidates. foreign corporations are forbidden by the foreign agents registration act of 1946, and they cannot contribute directly. what they can do is american corporations can contribute to political action committees, and they can contribute to campaigns and things like that. that is it. he misrepresented what the supreme court said. >> so foreign companies were not involved? >> they cannot contribute. >> we don't know that, pat. [ all talking at once ] >> treating american corporations as they should
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like persons. >> john, it's possible say hugo chavez and citgo if they are chartered in the u.s. it may be an american company under the law. we don't know. >> have you ever seen the head of the executive branch -- [ all talking at once ] >> hold on, let her in. >> have you ever seen the executive branch egg on the legislative branch to jeer the judicial branch. it was unprecedented and it was -- [ all talking at once ] >> it was graceless. >> okay, it was graceless for the supreme court justice to make face at the president. [ all talking at once ] >> please relinquish. exit question. part two. sign a letter grade from a to f for mr. obama's state of the union speech. one grade for style and one grade for substance. in that order. pat? >> style, i give him a c plus. i'll tell you why. because i think's lost the mystique of the presidency.
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he was scolding people and people were yelling, getting up and down. it was a mess, undignified. in terms of substance, a b. he came and did what he wanted to do. i thought the end was excellent. he's very good at that. he started off back and forlg. somebody said it was like a tennis match reading that prompter. >> are you taking into consideration he was on the tail wind of an unexpected defeat in massachusetts? and he had to rise above that? obama was wounded going into that -- >> john, i gave the guy a b, all right? that's a high grade for me. >> he's grading on a curve, too. >> don't you think the case can be made you are still underscoring him? >> i thought he started off terrible and ended very strong. >> eleanor. >> i think he gets an a plus wa his reposts back and forth were clever when he had all of the list of tax cuts and remarks
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and thought he would get an applause and saw the republican leaders finally come to their feet. i think he reclaimed the presidency and substance i give him, you know, a b. it's not really a place to lay down, you know, hard-line. >> what's this repost business? was that cleaned up? >> his aside. things that weren't on the teleprompter. >> you won't be surprised to noel nor and i were watching two totally different speeches. on style, i give him a d because i thought was defensive and petulant and petty and that slam to the supreme court and also the slam to his own party in the senate, you know putting the house against the senate. it was so -- >> do you think obama's a little -- [ all talking at once ] >> wait a minute stuck up? >> cool and very detached and could come off that way. but in terms of the speech, it looks like a slap dash because i think a lot of it was written before the massachusetts race and i think was expecting more
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of of have i victory. >> we campaign in poetry and govern in prose. obama tried to combine the two. i was going to give him a b but you forced me into an a, monica, to raise his average here. he did what needed to be done. he said what needed to be said, and that's going to be clunky putting that together. >> was it not unprecedented -- wasn't it unpresidential? [ all talking at once ] >> all right, hold on, clarence. >> it played very well around the country. the washington insiders didn't like it. democrats could have put them on the spot and republicans because it it was exposing their party of no tactics. >> the answer is he gets a double a. when we come back, the republican response to mr. obama's state of the union address. when planning for retirement these days,
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issue two. political potpourri. the obama state of the union. >> we have serious concerns over the recent steps the administration has taken regarding suspected terrorists. americans were shocked on christmas day to learn of the attempted bombing of a flight to detroit. this foreign terror suspect was given the same legal rights as a u.s. citizen and immediately  stopped providing critical intelligence. senator-elect scott brown has said, we should be spending taxpayer virginia governor bob mcdonnel, has a star been born? i ask you, pat? >> he won a very good victory, turned around virginia, but he looks to me, john, like a very young man, and this was a nice speech, but it wasn't on a presidential level, if you will. i think they ought to abolish
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the political answer to the state of the union because the president is chief of steet state and the idea of having somebody from the other party respond to the chief of state i always thought was ridiculous. >> what did you think of the jefferson quote? >> look, he gave a good good? i'm serious. >> i studied a lot of jefferson. a lot of them you won't like. the u.s. economy grew in the fastest in six years during the months of october, november, december. it was 5.7% as pointed out a moment ago. the last quarter 2 hundred hundred 9, up 2.2% july, august and september. does this 5.7% growth for october, november, and december produce a flashback effect to wednesday night's state of the union and put a shine on it that may linger through to the mid-term election ten months away, eleanor? >> oh, i don't know that i would draw a big a construct, but i think it does provide wind at the back of the senate. he called upon the senate to pass a jobs bill. the house has already passed
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it. 's full of tax breaks for businesses. it's things that the republican party should support if they filly butter it, like they did filibuster the commission on deficit reduction, i think that will expose them as a party that really is committed to the president -- >> and it should be as they did. >> a lot of democrats voted against that commission, too. on the gdp, it's good news. i hope it's sustainable but that's the big unanswered question, whether or not we can sustain this rate of growth. we could call it government domestic prop up because so much of this was government spending. >> what do you think of mcdonnel, by the way? >> oh, we're switching gears? >> i want to flashback. [ all talking at once ] >> quietly impressive. and look after all of the bells and whistles of president obama and also scott brown and sarah palin on the other side, the electorate in the next few years might want somebody a little more low key so if he
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plays his cards right, he could come on -- >> this is a triple win for the gop because of these two guys, these two governors. what happened in massachusetts. >> and scott brown, don't forget about him. item. the terror trial of khalid shaikh mohammed. the obama administration is now considering taking the trial out of new york. what's the story, clarence? >> the story here is that all of a sudden mayor bloomberg is getting nervous about the costs involved and the inconvenience there in new york. it's spurred all kinds of speculation, which we would never do on this show, but if we did, we're wondering if bloomberg may know something or was obama thoroughly consulted in the first place before doing this? >> it looks like the defense department wasn't willing to pony up the billion dollars that bloomberg said it would cost. it looks like a likely compromise is to have a federal trial but do it on a military base, which would placate both
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sides. >> it's absurd to have that thing in downtown manhattan, john. all you need is one terrible explosion there, it would be a disaster for the country. frankly, it would cost obama his presidency. >> what cost does obama pay if the administration moves the trial to the military base? >> he pays nothing. if they turn this into a circus and they are putting america on trial every day, he will pay a -- >> you mean that cost would be far greater than any cost of his changing his mind and moving -- >> no, people will agree -- >> who is the overruling u the attorney general? >> come on, holder didn't go out and free los angeles this decision, this was obama's decision. we're missing the big point. as important as the cost and disruption to lower manhattan would be, the biggest point would be these terrorists should not be tried in civilian court anyway, and by treating it -- [ all talking at once ] >> the biggest point -- >> instead of acts of war is say huge mistake. >> they are criminal. >> they're not, they're
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terrorists. >> the military tribunals are untested. there's only been one conviction and one plea bargain, and it's not certain that they are constitutional. >> of course they are. [ all talking at once ] >> during the bush years, they tried almost 200 terrorists in federal court quite successfully. >> i get the impression you want him tried in new york. don't you think he is an enemy combatant and doesn't -- >> i wasn't tried in civilian court. it doesn't have to be in new york. >> why? you don't think he is an enemy combatant? >> we've got to restore -- >> as a nigerian? >> thee are fuzzy distinctions between terrorists and domestic criminals. >> do you realize we're fighting terrorists? >> it worked for richard reid, it should work for the nigerians. >> how about that, setting the pace for reid. [ all talking at once ] >> hold it, there was a mistake. >> that was a mistake?
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>> sure it was. >> why? >> khalid shaikh mohammed has been water boarded 170 times. >> he wants to flatten down what it means. [ all talking at once ] >> he's been tortured. >> i'm glad you concede that now. >> 187 times. >> you want to flatten down what it means to be an american citizen, that's what you want. >> that's another debate, john. [ all talking at once ] we'll be right back with predictions. when planning for retirement these days, the forecast is full of ifs. if i'm too exposed to downturns. if i'll go through my savings too fast. to help you feel more confident consider putting a portion of your savings in a metlife variable annuity. when the market goes up, it gives your assets a potential to grow.
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